Point of Care Testing (POCT) EQA Services

Point of Care Testing (POCT) EQA Services

Weqas is the leading provider of External Quality Assessment (EQA) services for the Point of Care Testing (POCT) market. Quality assurance is an essential component for delivery of a safe and reliable POCT services and includes all the measures taken to ensure investigations are accurate and evidence based. Delivering accredited POCT EQA programmes to Secondary Care, Primary Care, Company Occupational Health providers and retail pharmacies, both nationally and internationally.

Weqas is successfully supporting and strengthening the quality assurance framework in Point of Care Testing (POCT) as an alternative to laboratory-based diagnostic services, by working closely with policy makers to ensure robust regulatory frameworks are implemented and are evidence based, clinically effective and safe. Weqas is directed by a Consultant Clinical Biochemist with over 30 years experience in Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Lead for Cardiff &Vale UHB POCT for over 20 years. Annette Thomas director of Weqas also chairs the ‘All Wales’ POCT Coordinators Group and represents POCT in Welsh Government Advisory Committees. POCT EQA Programmes are accredited for conformity assessment-General requirements for proficiency testing (ISO/CASCO 17043:2010), please view our Schedule of Accreditation for Weqas Proficiency Testing.

Key benefits of Weqas POCT EQA services include:

  • Liquid clinical samples, ready to use
  • Tailored programmes
  • Managed service
  • Online support
  • Assist with ISO 22870 compliance
  • Network performance reports
  • Helpline and troubleshooting
  • Education and training
Quality Assurance
Quality assessment assures the correct identification of patient, test selection, obtaining a satisfactory specimen, analysis, applying IQC and EQA recording the results promptly and correctly, interpreting the result accurately, taking appropriate action and documenting all procedures for reference. Utilising both internal quality control and external quality assessment procedures we can deliver confidence to POCT services in reporting evidence based reliable results.
Managed Service
A managed service provides complete oversight of the EQA process for the participating hospital/clinic. Following the distribution of samples the POCT team will process your data for all registered POCT devices (or users), issue simple ‘traffic light system’ performance reports to each Clinical area when each EQA cycle closes. Performance management is an important aspect of this service whereby Clinical sites are contacted with regards to unsatisfactory performance, repeat samples and trouble-shooting advice is provided.

Education and Training
Education and training plays an important role in the continuous education of healthcare providers, the programmes provided by Weqas plays a key role in Regional and National Audits and in promoting harmonization of results e.g. HbA1c standardization. Bespoke training programmes provide robust competency training modules, offered to the POCT manager/Co-ordinator and for the end user within the clinical setting. The training is tailored to suit the individual needs and are offered as web-based or via face-to-face seminars.

Programme Design

Participation in an accredited EQA Programme can provide valuable information on the performance of the device and reassurance of user competencies. This encompasses many aspects including the evaluation of equipment to ensure ‘fitness for clinical purpose’, the appropriate training and competency assessment of all users, implementation of a robust quality management system, including risk assessment performance monitoring and clinical audit. Weqas POCT EQA programmes are designed using clinical material (patient or volunteer samples). Material is collected, prepared, manipulated, analysed and distributed ‘ready to use’ to Clinical sites for analysis and/or clinical interpretation.

Subscription Periods

Annual subscription covers a period from April 1st to March 31st, participants can join at any time throughout the year and will be invoiced on a pro rata basis.

Sample Dispatch

A distribution schedule is sent to all registered participants with information of which programme is to be distributed and a corresponding distribution code with send-out and return dates. This schedule is available within our Participant Zone. Samples are dispatched within the UK by first class post, non-UK customers can choose between sample dispatch by Royal Mail International Track & Sign or Courier service.

Report Statistics and Interpretation

Reports are available to view or print on the web on the ‘report date’ which is 3 working days after the ‘end period’ date. For information about report statistics and interpretation of reports please download our guides How to interpret your Report? and our Weqas Participant’s manual for POCT EQA users.

The primary intention of the activities of POCT EQA services shall be to support quality improvement of the services provided by the participating sites for the benefit of the patient. EQA programmes are accredited, delivering confidence to the end user in helping to strengthen regulation, improve quality of care and patient outcomes, with education and training provided.
Please browse through our individual EQA programmes for further information.

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UKAS Proficiency Testing 4301UKAS Calibration 4301

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