POCT Blood Gases

POCT Blood Gases

The Weqas POCT Blood Gas EQA programme is administered as part of the Laboratory EQA services, Blood Gas EQA programme with over 2000 analysers registered for both Medical Laboratories and POCT sites.

POCT Blood Gases
Three samples are distributed monthly to Point of Care testing sites, the base material is aqueous buffered BSA. In addition whole blood samples are distributed once a year for secondary parameters SBC, BE and %sO2. EQA samples for Haematocrit testing are distributed twice a year suitable for testing on the I-Stat.

Frequency: Monthly

Samples per set: 3 x 2.5mL samples

Blood Gas Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
pH7.0 - 7.6
H+20 - 100nmol/L
pCO22 - 10kPa
pO22 - 25kPa
Actual Bicarb20 - 30mmol/L
Lithium0.35 - 1.35mmol/L
Na+115 - 160mmol/L
K+2 - 6mmol/L
iCa++0.2 - 1.7mmol/L
Cl76 - 123 mmol/L
Magnesium0.4 - 1.6mmol/L
Glucose1.9 - 23.0mmol/L
Lactate0.4 - 6.0mmol/L
Urea2.9 - 25.0mmol/L
Creatinine30 - 560 µmol/L
Haematocrit0 - 70%PCV

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