Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a customer or participant with Weqas, you may find these frequently asked questions (and answers) helpful. If you do not find the answer to your question listed below, please contact us on +44 2920 314750, or use our contact page.

What's my lab code?
Your lab code can be found on the top left of your report or return sheet. 
How do I get access to the website?
If you are new to our programme you can access the website by completing the Initial Interactive Website Registration form and emailing the form to Once this has been completed, an email will be sent to the provided email address with a link for the email account to be validated. After this stage another email will be sent with a user name and password, which allows you to gain access to Weqas Interactive.

If you are an existing participant and want to add a new user, you have to complete the Interactive Website Addition Form and email the form to

For amendments to an existing participant, including changes to an email address, change to a contact number or if someone retires, you have to complete the Interactive Website Amendment Form and email this completed form to

For regional access please complete the Interactive Regional Access Form and return to
I have lost / forgotten my Weqas interactive password
You can obtain your password by simply requesting it via the forgotten password link. Browse to Weqas Interactive for this service. 
How do I enter results?
Results can be entered via our Weqas Interactive page once you have been given a login. The Weqas Web Training Guide is a complete guide explaining how to use the interactive page.
Want to join the programme, how do I join?
You can join a programme(s) by simply filling out an Enrolment Document and Method Questionnaire for the programme you wish to join, as well as a Web Registration form. Email all the completed documents to and a member of staff will be in touch shortly with your enrolment details. For more information regarding New Enrolments, please follow the link.
I have informed Weqas of a method change, when will I see the change on my reports?
The change will take effect when the next available distribution is created in the database. The reports incorporate longitudinal analysis of data over time, therefore information relating to method details and analyte requirements are strictly time dependent. For this reason, we need adequate notice of any changes in the database regarding the range of analytes, method/analyser details. In order to guarantee that the changes are processed for the correct distribution, please ensure that the new details are sent to us at least 5 working days prior to the dispatch date of a programme. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to process method changes or analyte additions once a Distribution has been created.
Can I fax the results to Weqas, and if so until what time on the return date?
All results for our Laboratory EQA Schemes must be returned via our website (deadline by midnight on the “return by” date). Results can be entered via our Weqas Interactive page. 
Where can I find distribution dates?
Distribution dates can be found in the Participant Zone, or by clicking on the link provided.
How do I report a transcription error?
A transcription error can be reported by completing the Transcription Error Form, once completed emailing the form to 
My report shows poor performance for one or more analytes, and I need repeat samples for troubleshooting. Can these be provided?
Yes, we can check poor performance issues and if necessary we can provide samples free of charge for troubleshooting purposes. Participants outside of the UK may be asked to contribute towards the shipping costs.
I have lost/broken my EQA samples. Can you send me replacements?
Yes we can however, we may charge for this service. Please contact us for advice.
I have found a transcription error on my report/results sheet. Can this be changed?
If a transcription error is found before the report has been released, then an amendment can be requested by completing a transcription error form. Once this form is returned to us, please allow some time for the amendment to be processed. The transcription error form can be downloaded from our Resources Library or please follow the link provided. Please note that requests to amend results following discovery of a transcription error must be submitted in writing to Weqas along with evidence of original analyser result. It is the responsibility of the participant to notify the programme organiser as soon as possible that a “blunder” e.g. transcription error, has occurred. Notification must be made within the “late returns” policy window.

Once documented evidence has been received and processed by our team, the correct result will be entered into the database and an amended report viewed or printed via the website. In the event that the notification is received outside the “late return” time window, database modification will not be made. All non-analytical errors are documented and entered in the laboratory’s file.


Further support & queries

These are our most common customer and participant queries. If you have a query that isn’t answered on this page please don’t hesitate to contact us for support by clicking here.