Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) which you may find helpful. If you do not find the answer to your question listed below, please contact us on +44 2920 314750, email us on or use the Contact Us form at contact us.

What services and products do you provide?
As well as our EQA programmes, we provide IQC (Internal Quality Control) Services and Reference Measurement Services that includes method traceability, provision of Quality Control reference material (QCRM), and provision of calibrators for Tandem mass spectrometry (MS). EQA and IQC services and products can be tailored for your requirements. We provide Managed Services for our EQA Programmes and bespoke IQC material. Please contact us for further information.
We provide a wealth of education and training tools to support your understanding of EQA and IQC, interpretation of EQA performance data and current hot topics within Laboratory Medicine. We hold an Annual Conference, provide EQA interpretation training within regional workshops, and have dedicated educational pages on our learning zone. A helpline service is also provided where participants can contact Weqas for advice on their method performance and interpretation of EQA data. Please contact us for further information.
What is my Lab Code / Participant Code?
Weqas Interactive
Your Lab Code is an individual code provided to all labs when they register for our programme(s). Your lab code can be found on the top left of your report or return sheet.
Weqas Interactive
Weqas Connect
Your Participant Code is a unique code assigned to a delivery address. If your organisation has multiple delivery sites, you will have a Participant Code for each one. Your Participant Codes will be organised into a Group or Super Group. Your Participant Code can be found on the top of your report or return sheet.
Weqas Connect
Why do I have a new Participant Code?
We are moving away from Lab Codes to Participant Codes. When we move your organisation to our new Weqas Connect portal, we will provide you with a new Participant Code.
How do I get access to Weqas Interactive?
New participants
If you are new to our programme(s), you can access the website by completing the Weqas Interactive Website Registration form.
Existing participants
If you are an existing participant and want to add a new user, remove a user’s access, or change the access level of an existing user, please complete the Add / Edit / Delete A User form.
To change the contact details of an existing user, such as their name or email address, please complete the Update User Contact Details form. Please note changes to a user’s name or email address must be for the same individual.
Regional access
For regional access please complete the Register A New Region / Group form or Edit A Region / Group form.
How do I get access to Weqas Connect?
If you are new to our programme(s), you can access Weqas Connect by contacting your Participant Administrator User or EQA Officer, who will be able to set up and create access for you. You will then receive a link via email to set up your account. The email invitation link is only valid for a limited time. If your link has expired, you need to contact the person who created the account and ask for the link to be re-sent. For Participant Administrator Users, for information, this can be done via the ‘Users’ menu on Weqas Connect.
If you require an administrator account or your ‘Participant Admin’ has changed, please contact us.
I have lost / forgotten my Weqas interactive password
You can obtain your password by entering your username in the ‘Forgotten your password?’ field on Your password will then be emailed to the registered email address.
I have lost / forgotten my Weqas Connect password
You can reset your password by entering your username in the ‘Forgot password?’ field on Instructions on how to set your new password will be emailed to the registered email address.
We also have a ‘Change / forgot your password’ tutorial to help you with this. To access our tutorials, you will need to register.
How do I enter Weqas Interactive results?
Results can be entered via our Weqas Interactive page once you have been provided with a login. The Weqas Web Training Guide is a complete guide explaining how to use the interactive page.
However, if you are registered for a Managed Service or Data Entry service, Weqas will enter your results for you as part of this registration. All you need to do is return the supplied ‘Results’ sheet to us.
How do I enter Weqas Connect results?
Results can be entered via our Weqas Connect website once you have been provided with a login. We have created a ‘Results Entry’ tutorial to help with this.
If you do not have access or the required permission to enter results, your Participant Administrator will be able provide this. You can read more about Weqas Connect user levels here.
However, if you are registered for a Managed Service or Data Entry service, Weqas will enter your results for you as part of this service. All you need to do is return the supplied ‘Results’ sheet to us.
Can I upload results automatically?
We are currently working with several providers to enable automated upload of both POCT and laboratory EQA results. If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer site for our initial tests, please contact
Why can't I enter results for my distribution online?
If your reporting platform is not allowing you to enter your results, please check the following:

  • Has the distribution closed? – If your distribution has closed you will no longer be able to enter results. Check here for a list of open and upcoming distributions.
  • Are you reporting on the correct platform? – As programmes are migrated to the new Weqas Connect platform, they will no longer be available on the Weqas Interactive or CueSee platform. Check here to see which website your programme is hosted on.

If you are still having trouble entering your results, please contact us for assistance.

Why can’t I find my instruments on the results entry search on Weqas Connect?
Once you click ‘Search’ on the Results Entry table in Weqas Connect, you will be shown all distributions that match your filter terms. If no results are showing, try removing some or all of the filters to widen your search. We have created a ‘Results Entry’ tutorial to help with this.
Results Entry
If there are still no results displaying, then there may be no open distributions that you can enter results for, or no instruments are registered. Please contact us via our web page or telephone 02920 314750 for assistance.
I have informed Weqas of a method / instrument change, when will I see the change on my reports?
For the Interactive website, the change will take effect from the next scheduled distribution. The reports incorporate longitudinal analysis of data over time; therefore, information relating to method details and analyte requirements are strictly time dependent. For this reason, we need adequate notice of any changes in the database regarding the range of analytes, method/analyser details. In order to guarantee that the changes are processed for the correct distribution, please ensure that the new details are sent to us at least 5 working days prior to the dispatch date of a programme. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to process method changes or analyte additions once a distribution has been created.
For Weqas Connect, changes may be able to be incorporated during the open distribution period. Participants have more control within Weqas Connect to add instruments and register for an open distribution. See our Instrument Tutorials for instructions.
How do I know when I will receive my EQA programme samples?
Our distribution dates page can be found in the Participant Zone. You can customise your distribution dates to help you manage your EQA programme(s). The distribution dates list provides dispatch dates (distribution opening dates) and the results return dates (distribution closing dates).

How to make the best use of our website – Distribution Dates

How do I report a transcription error?
A transcription error can be reported by completing the Transcription Error Form. Please see our Participant Manual for more information. Once completed, email the form and accompanying evidence to
My report shows poor performance for one or more analytes, and I need repeat samples for troubleshooting. Can these be provided?
Yes, we can provide samples free of charge for troubleshooting purposes. Participants outside of the UK may be asked to contribute towards the shipping costs.
I have lost/broken my EQA samples. Can you send me replacements?
Yes, we can. However, we may charge for this service. Please contact us for advice.
I cannot access the How to use Weqas Connect tutorials?
To access the Learning Zone tutorials, you will need to log in or register. Please note this log in is separate to your Weqas Connect log in. Once you have registered, you will have a profile set up to allow you to access the tutorials and track which tutorials you have viewed.
If you are registered on the Learning Zone and the tutorials are not displaying correctly, please ensure you are using an up to date internet browser, e.g. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome. If you are still having issues, please contact

Learning Zone for Weqas Connect

Further support & queries

These are our most common customer and participant queries. If you have a query that isn’t answered on this page please don’t hesitate to contact us for support.