POCT Co-oximetry

POCT Co-oximetry

The POCT Co-oximetry EQA programme is administered by Weqas Laboratory EQA services to cover Medical Laboratories and Point of Care Testing sites.

POCT Co-oximetry
Three lyophilied samples are distributed monthly for Point of Care EQA analysis, the base material is bovine haemolysate with Hb derivatives added.

Frequency: Monthly

Samples per set: 3 x 2mL lyophilised vials.

Co-oximetry Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Total Haemoglobin100 - 190g/L
Carboxyhaemoglobin1 - 32%
Methaemoglobin2 - 35%
Oxyhaemoglobin35 - 95%

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