Participant Zone

Participant Zone

Our participant zone is designed for both newly enrolled and existing participants. If you are not yet enrolled with us, and you wish to enrol on our programmes, please contact us for more information by emailing or by completing our contact form.

As a participant in our EQA programme(s) you will find a wealth of information in our Participant zone, and on our website as a whole.

The timeline below shows the process to follow, from enrolment through to reviewing your performance reports online:

Enrolment Process

  • Complete enrolment
    documentAn enrolment document can be requested by contacting our EQA team on
  • Complete Method
    QuestionnaireOur Method Questionnaires are available to download from our Resources page.
  • Register for
    online reportingVisit our Weqas Interactive page to find out more about how to register.
  • Enrolment
    completeYou can now begin receiving and reporting EQA samples.


Download Intended Use Sheets

Download Method Questionnaires

Next Return Dates

ProgrammesDistribution CodeDistribution DateReturn Date
Hybrid Haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)HH092306/09/202330/09/2023
POCT LipidsPL0923 (Monthly only)11/09/202302/10/2023
POCT Haemoglobin (Hb)HB092312/09/202303/10/2023
POCT INRIN092312/09/202310/10/2023
Hybrid LipidHL092313/09/202330/09/2023
Blood GasBG0923 (inc Bimonthly)18/09/202302/10/2023
Co-oximetryCO0923 (inc Bimonthly)18/09/202302/10/2023
b123 Co-oximetryBC0923 (inc Bimonthly)18/09/202302/10/2023
Qualitative Faecal Haemoglobin (FOB / FIT)OB092319/09/202303/10/2023
Procalcitonin (PCT)PC092319/09/202303/10/2023
Urine ChemistryUC092319/09/202303/10/2023
Oxalate and Citrate (OxCit)OC092319/09/202303/10/2023
pH MeterHX092319/09/202303/10/2023

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