POCT Glucose and Ketones

POCT Glucose and Ketones

This Programme provides material and EQA services to the majority of NHS Trust Laboratories within the UK and Ireland (providing for both Secondary and Primary Care), Company Occupational Health providers and Pharmacies. This programme is available directly from Weqas or can be included as part of your contract with your glucose supplier. We currently distribute over 25,000 samples per month covering over 200 Trusts to quality assure the accuracy and reliability of Glucose and Ketone monitoring in a Point of Care Setting.

POCT Glucose and Ketones
Plasma or serum samples are provided in sterile plastic dropper bottles. One sample containing both glucose and ketones are sent per distribution, participants can choose to receive distributions monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. If you are unable to assay the EQA sample on the day of receipt, the samples can be refrigerated for up to two weeks, once opened the sample should be assayed immediately.

Frequency: Flexible (Monthly, Bimonthly or Quarterly)

Samples per set: 1 x 0.5mL sample per meter.

POCT Glucose and Ketones Programme
Analyte Approx. Range Covered
Glucose2.0 - 30mmol/L
Ketones0.6 - 6.0mmol/L

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