POCT Urinalysis

POCT Urinalysis

This Programme provides material and EQA services to the majority of NHS Trust Laboratories within the UK and Ireland (providing for both Secondary and Primary Care), Company Occupational Health providers and Pharmacies. The Weqas Urinalysis programme provides an array of tests to screen and assess a wide range of disorders, including Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Disease and Diabetes.

POCT Urinalysis
Material is fresh filtered human urine, 5.5mLs volume of sample distributed, sufficient for urinalysis test strips and automated POCT devices. Samples are distributed bi-monthly at an appropriate physiological range to correctly reflect the performance with patient samples. Result reporting and data analysis is provided via an interactive database at www.cuesee.com. This can also be accessed via POCT Interactive.

Frequency: Bimonthly

Samples per set: 1 x 5.0mL sample.

POCT Urinalysis Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Glucose0 - 60mmol/l
Ketones0 - 20mmol/l
Protein0 - 5g/l
Haemoglobin0 - 7500µg/l
Specific Gravity1.005 - 1.020
pH6 - 8
Bilirubin0 - 50µmol/l
Urobilinogen0 - 200µmol/l
Leucocytes0 - 500µl esterase/l
Nitrites0 - 40µmol/l
Urine Albumin0 - 1000mg/l
Albumin/Creat<3.4 - >34mg/mmol

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