Viscoelastic Haemostasis

Viscoelastic Haemostasis

Viscoelastic Haemostasis* (TEM / TEG) provides rapid, whole blood diagnosis of coagulopathies to optimise patient blood management in major surgeries and traumatic bleeding.

Samples and reports will be issued on a quarterly basis, with additional data from ECAT. This collaboration aims to provide us with a larger data base for peer review and additional level of expertise and support in this highly specialist field.

Frequency: Quarterly

Samples per set: 2 x 3.0mL samples

Material: Lyophilised human plasma

Methods: Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) / Thromboelastometry (TEM) / Thromboelastography (TEG)

Key Features: Working in collaboration with ECAT. Covers the tests Extem, Intem, Fibtem, Heptem and Aptem.

Viscoelastic Haemostasis Programme* - ROTEM / TEM
AptemCFT (Secs), CT (Secs), A5 (mm), A10 (mm), A20 (mm), MCF (mm)
ExtemCFT (Secs), CT (Secs), A5 (mm), A10 (mm), A20 (mm), MCF (mm)
FibtemCFT (Secs), CT (Secs), A5 (mm), A10 (mm), A20 (mm), MCF (mm)
HeptemCFT (Secs), CT (Secs), A5 (mm), A10 (mm), A20 (mm), MCF (mm)
IntemCFT (Secs), CT (Secs), A5 (mm), A10 (mm), A20 (mm), MCF (mm)
Viscoelastic Haemostasis Programme* - TEG
CFFMA (mm)
CKR (mins), K (mins), Angle (degrees), MA (mm)
CKHR (mins), K (mins), Angle (degrees), MA (mm)
CRTR (mins), K (mins), Angle (degrees), MA (mm), TEG-ACT

*Not Accredited

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