POCT Lipids

POCT Lipids

Lipid point of care testing analysers are used to screen patients for dyslipidaemia and to monitor lipid levels of patients currently being tested for elevated cholesterols part of the National Health Service Health Checks Programme, target populations are also screened to identify individuals at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). Weqas Lipid POCT EQA programme provides material and EQA services for monitoring the accuracy and reliability of POCT Lipid analysis in both Primary and Secondary Care Trusts, Company Occupational Health Services and Pharmacies.

POCT Lipids
Human single donor material is used as the matrix, kindly donated by Polycythaemic patients attending HOPD and the Blood Transfusion Service. Endogenous, commutable material is distributed, similar donations of endogenous patient blood donations may be pooled. Human serum samples are provided as 0.5ml aliquots in sterile plastic tubes, the samples are dispatched frozen and will thaw in transit. Result reporting and data analysis is provided via an interactive database at www.cuesee.com. This powerful database gives Co-ordinators a wealth of information on meter performance both within their organisation and compared with all users registered for this programme.

Frequency: Bimonthly

Samples per set: 1 x 0.5mL sample.

POCT Lipids Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Cholesterol3.0 - 8.0mmol/l
Triglycerides0.8 - 2.5mmol/l
HDL0.6 - 3.0mmol/l
Glucose5 - 20mmol/l

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