POCT Lipids (Healthcheck)

POCT Lipids (Healthcheck)

Lipid point of care testing analysers are used to screen and monitor patients with dyslipidaemia and as part of the NHS Health Check Programme in identifying individuals at risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). Weqas Lipid POCT EQA programme provides material and EQA support for monitoring the performance and reliability of POCT Lipid devices in the NHS (both Primary and Secondary Care), Local authorities, Company Occupational Health Schemes, Pharmacies and Private healthcare providers.

Human single donor blood is used as the matrix, however donations with similar lipid concentrations of “off the clot” serum may be pooled. Participants can select to receive one sample monthly or bimonthly. The programme caters for the assessment of glucose as well as the Lipid Panel: cholesterol, HDL and triglyceride. A range of serum samples are distributed over the year to cover the physiological and pathological range.

The programme assesses the individual user, the organisation and method performance, including, peer review of bias and imprecision. Periodically a fresh whole blood sample is distributed to assess accuracy. Simple reports are available for the end user and a more comprehensive report for the organisation’s co-ordinator.

Key Features:

  • Patient samples covering normal and pathological ranges.
  • Human serum samples require no preparation, reducing risk of pre-analytical error.
  • Additional assessment of accuracy using whole blood samples.
  • Includes glucose.
  • Simple reports.

Monthly / Bimonthly
1 x 0.5mL
Off the clot human serum & Whole Blood
POCT Lipids Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Cholesterol3.0 - 8.0mmol/l
Triglycerides0.8 - 2.5mmol/l
HDL0.6 - 3.0mmol/l
Glucose5 - 20mmol/l

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