IQC (Internal Quality Control)

IQC (Internal Quality Control)

Third Party controls provide accurate, independent, unbiased, evidence-based safety measures to quality assure your diagnostic test system. CE marked Internal Quality Control (IQC) and Quality Control Reference Material (QCRM) can be confidently assayed daily to deliver confidence to your analytical testing. Clinically relevant, Value-added Quality Control, expertly designed by a team of Clinical and Biomedical Scientists with over 20 years of experience.

We recommend Weqas Quality control for:

  • Patient Safety
  • Error Detection
  • Eliminating false rejection
  • Ensuring compliance with Regulatory Bodies
  • Ensuring analytical output is robust and in control


  • Lipid Control Norm is for in vitro diagnostic use as an assayed quality control material for Point of Care testing of Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglyceride and Glucose.
  • Urine HCG Controls for PoCT Pregnancy Tests are available as a negative and positive control. Samples are also available at the “cut point” to aid your competency testing programme.
  • PoCT Glucose & Ketone Controls are available as liquid stable material at 6 levels to cover the analytical range.

Laboratory IQC

  • Cardiac Markers. Liquid IQC available for Troponin at or near 99th centile cut point.
  • Linearity Panel for General Chemistry. Linearity panels for your general chemistry needs available for ISO 15189 method verification.
  • QCRM. Quality Control Reference Materials, all QCRMs are traceable to a CRM.
  • Bile Acid QCRM. Reference values available for all of the individual Bile Acids.
  • Endocrine QCRM. Reference values and uncertainty are provided for each sample.

Testosterone / Cortisol Standards

The use of Tandem Mass Spectrometry has increased significantly for steroid analysis and is now a routine procedure in some laboratories. Testosterone and Cortisol Tandem MS standards are used as an assayed quality control material for verification of “in house” prepared calibrators to assist laboratories with ISO 15189:2012 compliance. Weqas’ standards are prepared and value assigned by the Weqas Reference Measurement Laboratory using traceable material of the highest metrological order.


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