Add / Edit / Delete A User

Add / Edit / Delete A User

    This page allows you to:

    • Add a user

    • Delete a user

    • Delete a user and replace with a new user

    • Change access level for a user

    If you are a new laboratory with no existing users, please use the 'Register A New Laboratory' form. If you have a user account and wish to update your name or email address, please use the 'Update User Contact Details' form.

    Laboratory Information

    In case we need to contact you about your request, please enter your details below.

    Head of Department

    The Head of Department will receive an email to approve your request. To reduce processing time, ensure they are aware of your request and that they are known to us as a contact for your lab.

    User Additions / Changes

    You can add, delete or change the access level of a current user by selecting the appropriate dropdown option below. Use the + button to add additional user changes. Please ensure all details are entered correctly.

    If the user's access level needs to change: a new username will be issued. Please note that the current username will be deactivated. If you require to add another section to an existing user, please use the 'Add User' option.


    What next?

    Once you have submitted your details, an email will automatically be sent to the named Head of Department to approve the changes for the laboratory. After this approval is provided to us, our website team will review your request and begin the process of implementing your changes.

    For security reasons, no new or increased access will be granted until all necessary authorisation has been received. If the Head of Department you entered does not match the contact we have on file, additional authorisation may be sought from the known contact(s) registered with Weqas.