Register A New Laboratory

Register A New Laboratory

    This page allows you to add a new laboratory with us, and set up access for you and your colleagues to the Weqas Interactive Website.

    Laboratory Information

    In case we need to contact you about your request, please enter your details below. Please note, you will not be set up with access unless your details are also entered in the 'New Users' section.

    Head of Department

    The Head of Department will receive an email to approve your request. To reduce processing time, ensure they are aware of your request.

    New Users

    This page is for registering New Users. If the named person(s) above also require access, please include them below. If you set a user level to Section AccessProvides access to view and submit results for a single specified ‘Section’. If access to more than one section is needed, a new user name will be created for each section., please specify which section(s) they are to have access to. If Lab AccessProvides full access to view and submit results for all instruments registered on your lab code. This access also allows the editing of the Lab Profile page. is selected, leave 'Name of Section(s)' blank. Use the + button to add multiple users.


    What next?

    Once you have submitted your details, an email will automatically be sent to the named Head of Department to approve the registrations for the laboratory. After this approval is provided to us, our website team will review your request and begin the process of registering your labs first user(s).

    For security reasons, no access will be granted until all necessary authorisation has been received.