Register A New Region / Group

Register A New Region / Group

    Regions / Groups allow nominated users to be granted access to view the reports of multiple laboratories. Please note, this will generate a new 'Regional' username and password which will provide read only access to the Labs included in the region.

    To request a new Region / Group please complete the details below. Please note the person completing the form will be responsible for this region and will need to be listed as the 'Regional Co-ordinator' in the section below.

    For security reasons, the setting up of a region must be authorised by the Head of Department (HoD) of each laboratory concerned. Once the form below is submitted, the application will be reviewed and then an email will be sent to the Head of Department we have on file for each lab to approve the access for the nominated contacts. The region / group will not be created until ALL the relevant HoD's give their approval via email.

    Region Co-ordinator

     This person is responsible for establishing the group and is the primary contact for the region / group. They will need to approve any requested changes that affect their region / group.

    Please note, by completing this form you will be registered as the Region Co-ordinator and a 'Region Access' username will be set up for you to access these reports. As the Region Co-ordinator, you will be responsible for the region and any future changes will need to be approved by you.

    Please enter your details below. If you require additional users to be set up, please include them in the 'Additional Regional / Group Users' section.

    Region / Group Name

    Please specify what you would like the new group to be called. This can be the trust / organisation name or the geographical area(s) where the labs are situated.

    Labs to be included in the group

    Please enter all the labs you wish to be included in this new group, including their Weqas Lab Code. Use the + button to add multiple labs.

    Additional Regional / Group Users

    Please enter any additional users you require to have access to the new region, be sure to include the Weqas Lab Code and Hospital / Organisation they belong to. All Regional users will have read-only access to the reports of all the above laboratories. Use the + button to add multiple users.


    What next?

    Once you have submitted your details, our team will review your request and seek authorisation from each of the Heads of Department via email.

    For security reasons, the region will not be set up until we receive approval from every Head of Department affected. Once this is received, we will then email all the new Regional / Group contact(s) to provide their access.

    If additional users require access to an existing region, or new labs need to be added to a region, authorisation must be received from the Region Co-ordinator.