Weqas Interactive

Weqas Interactive

Weqas are continually striving to improve our participants reporting and result entry experience, including developing bespoke systems to offer you the best insights into your data. The reporting website varies depending on the EQA programme you are enrolled on.

Weqas Interactive (weqas.com)

Weqas offers a full online interactive service for our programmes for submission of results, accessing reports and access to data for performance troubleshooting. For security reasons, access levels are controlled and must be authorised by your Head of Department. If you are new to the Weqas Interactive website you will need to complete a registration form.

POCT Interactive (CueSee)

Most of our POCT programmes are available through our Weqas interactive website, however three programmes, POCT Glucose & Ketones, POCT Lipid and POCT Urinalysis are managed through a third party website. These programmes are accessed through POCT Interactive.

Weqas Connect

This platform will replace both weqas.com and Cuesee allowing all programmes to be accessed through one portal. The new look and much improved IT platform, combines the positive features of the two current platforms, providing greater flexibility of device and location registration and an extensive repertoire of reports available at all access levels, in a more stable and accessible platform. For security reasons, access levels are controlled and must be authorised by your Group / Participant Administrator, or Head of Department, dependent on access level required.

Which website will I need to use?

Weqas Interactive Programmes

All EQA programmes, other than those listed for POCT Interactive.

POCT Interactive Programmes

  • POCT Glucose & Ketones
  • POCT Lipid
  • POCT Urinalysis


Weqas Connect Programmes

Launching May 2022. Programme release schedule to be announced.