POCT Interactive

POCT Interactive

The vast majority of our programmes are available through our Weqas interactive website, however the POCT Glucose & Ketones and POCT Urinalysis programmes are managed through a third party website. These Programmes are accessed through: POCT Interactive.

How to register

A web registration form is available from Weqas for access to the POCT Interactive website for reports and result entry. For security reasons, access for Group Administrator level is restricted to POCT Co-ordinators that have successfully completed the website training course and assessment. Training is provided through a series of web guides, available as part of the training package and available for download from our Resources page.

Access to reports

This service allows participants to review their performance as soon as the statistical analysis process has been completed and verified. Users can also register to automatically receive their reports direct to their email in PDF format on release of each distributions’ statistics.

More in depth data

The site allows participants to access more detailed information regarding their performance in relation to other participants using the same method and / or analyser than is available in the standard hard copy report. In addition, summary data for all other instruments and methods is available for any distribution in which you have participated; these are issued automatically alongside the standard report release.

Update details direct

Other actions which can be completed via the website include return of distribution results and updating of method and instrument usage.

Access past data on demand

Reports are not currently archived off the system, so participants have access to historical reports generated since the introduction of the interactive database.

However, if you cancel all programmes with us you will have eight weeks from cancellation to access your reports. After this time, please contact Weqas if historical reports are required; please note a charge may be applied for this.