Pre-term Labour Markers- phIGFBP-1 is now accredited

The use of individual or group of biochemical markers have advanced some of the understanding on the mechanisms leading to spontaneous preterm birth. Preterm birth is a delivery that occurs at less than 37 completed weeks of gestation and it is associated with prenatal morbidity and mortality. In a point of care setting, these tests allow access to real time results and significantly improve the ability to manage pre-term labour that may result in pre-term delivery.

Weqas Pre-term Labour Markers EQA scheme has been developed to quality assure for Foetal Fibronectin (fFn) and phosphorylated IGFBP-1(ph IGFBP-1) biochemical markers for risk of pre-term birth. Foetal Fibronectin and ph IGFBP-1 are both ISO 17043 accredited, phIGFBP-1 was accredited following our recent UKAS inspection, please view our scope of accreditation, link available from our home page.