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Urine Drugs of Abuse Programme is now UKAS ISO 17043 Accredited

We are proud to announce that our Urine Drugs of Abuse Programme is now ISO 17043 accredited. Please click on the link below to download our poster recently presented at EuroMedLab in Athens.

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HbA1c EQA Programme- new changes

The Weqas programme has been recently modified to predominantly distribute patient samples. Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) is an established test for monitoring diabetic control and is recommended by the World Health Organisation for the diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus, provided that stringent quality assurance tests are in place and assays are standardised to criteria aligned to the

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New Co-oximetry Vials

New vials for Weqas Co-oximetry scheme were recently introduced to overcome numerous issues with the previous design. We welcome your feedback on this design modification. To view a demonstration on how to use these vials, please use the link:

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New POCT INR EQA Quality Controls

WEQAS has recently introduced a new Point of Care (POC) INR EQA control, suitable for use with the Abbott i-STAT, Roche CoaguChek XS, XS Plus & XS Pro and Siemens Xprecia Stride instruments. Point of care (POC, or near patient) testing for measurement of the international normalized ratio (INR) is extensively used for self-monitoring of

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Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) EQA programme is now accredited

The faecal occult blood (FOB) test detects small amounts of blood in your faeces, which would not be normally visible. FOB is vital in the diagnosis of bleeding disorders of the gut (intestine)…. For example, gastric or duodenal ulcers, ulcerative colitis, bowel polyps, and bowel (colorectal) cancer. Bowel (colorectal) cancer screening aims to detect colorectal

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External Quality Assurance – Can you see the wood for the trees?

EQA provision has become highly competitive and it is often difficult for Laboratories to select the right programme, with a marked lack of harmonisation of Best Practice amongst EQA Providers, it is understandable why participants are confused and often comment that they are unable to see the wood for the trees. EQA programmes that are

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Pre-term Labour Markers- phIGFBP-1 is now accredited

The use of individual or group of biochemical markers have advanced some of the understanding on the mechanisms leading to spontaneous preterm birth. Preterm birth is a delivery that occurs at less than 37 completed weeks of gestation and it is associated with prenatal morbidity and mortality. In a point of care setting, these tests

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Weqas Newsletter

WEQAS are pleased to release the latest issue of our Newsletter. We would like to inform you of what is happening in the quality arena, our organisation news, accreditation and service updates. In this issue, please find: * POCT Creatinine and the merits of accreditation. * WEQAS User Group Meeting and Scientific Seminar, December 2015.

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Weqas products

Third Party Control (IQC)

Weqas- IQC   Use Weqas IQC for accurate, independent, unbiased daily monitoring.   Weqas has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the production and distribution of high quality clinical material, representing surrogate patient samples. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Third Party Control (IQC) to assist laboratories and POCT users to

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POCT Urine Drugs of Abuse (DOA) EQA Scheme

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Weqas Drugs of Abuse scheme (DOA), join today to take full advantage of the benefits of joining a Weqas scheme at no extra cost.  This Pilot scheme will remain free of charge until April 2016, an early bird opportunity too good to miss. Why choose Weqas

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