New POCT INR EQA Quality Controls

WEQAS has recently introduced a new Point of Care (POC) INR EQA control, suitable for use with the Abbott i-STAT, Roche CoaguChek XS, XS Plus & XS Pro and Siemens Xprecia Stride instruments. Point of care (POC, or near patient) testing for measurement of the international normalized ratio (INR) is extensively used for self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation in patients under anticoagulant therapy. Weqas EQA samples retain the advantage of being liquid stable and ready to use, with no further treatment required to activate the product, thus ensuring quick and easy analysis for the POC end user.

Abbott i-STAT customers wishing to enrol in this Scheme should contact:

Weqas POCT EQA Helpdesk


Weqas helpdesk: 02920 748186/ 02920 747986