Work experience: supporting young people in science

Last month we said farewell to our work experience students, from Cardiff Metropolitan University, who had joined us for three months. We thoroughly enjoyed having Masara and Natalie as part of our team and wish them the best of luck in the future. Before they left, we asked them a few questions about their time with us:

Why did you choose Weqas?

Masara: “Having looked at the various departments based at Weqas, and the range of roles undertaken here, I was interested in gaining experience as a laboratory assistant where I know the skills gained would be of great benefit to me in the future.”

Natalie: “I chose Weqas because of the opportunity given to me by my university. I wanted to carry out work experience here to gain laboratory skills which I can use in my future career and final year of uni.”

What influenced you to choose science as a career path?

Masara: “Science has always been a subject of interest to me because it is an ever evolving career where there are so many ideas and concepts that can always be worked on and developed. Science is an interest of mine because there are a lot of challenging aspects, in which an individual can tackle and work around finding solutions.”

Natalie: “I chose science as it is always evolving and I have always been keen on learning new things. I believe choosing science as a career path can be one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding.”

What is your biggest take away from Weqas?

Masara: “During my time at Weqas I was able to engage in, and learn about, various roles within a laboratory setting. I gained hands-on experience of tasks, ranging from sample testing, to machine validation, and even data reporting. I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone!”

Natalie: “All the different skills I have made such as learning how to use different machinery and how to perform samples. Also the people at Weqas have been absolutely lovely with a family feel.”

Have we influenced you on your career path?

Masara: “Working at Weqas has given me the opportunity to learn about different career paths and the requirements of each. Weqas has given me a true representation of what a day-to-day job as a laboratory worker consists of.”

Natalie: “Yes, before I had little knowledge in how a laboratory was run and by coming here I have gained great insight into roles such as MLA, BMS and associate practitioner. After witnessing their roles I believe I would be more suited to a role that involves more patient contact.”