UK Subscription Charges 2024 – 2025

UK Subscription Charges 2024 – 2025

New Enrolments

  • EnrolmentEnrol on an EQA programme. Each enrolment includes one set of samples delivered to one address. The number of samples per set can be found on the EQA programme pages.
  • FrequencySelect the frequency (Monthly / Bimonthly / Quarterly) of distributions you would like to receive. The available frequency varies and can be found on the EQA programme pages.
  • Additional samplesDo you require additional samples? If you are testing on multiple devices at the same address you can request additional sample sets.
  • Multiple delivery addressesDo you require multiple delivery addresses? If you would like us to deliver sample sets to multiple addresses, each one will be classed as a separate enrolment.
  • Shipping optionsFor UK customers, standard delivery to one address is included with enrolment. UK and Non-UK customers can also select one of our additional shipping options.

Existing Participants

  • Add EQA programme enrolmentsAdding a new EQA programme to your enrolment can be requested at any time by contacting our scientists on
  • Additional samplesIf you are testing on multiple devices at the same address you can request additional sample sets. These will be delivered to your existing delivery address.
  • Additional delivery addressesIf you would like us to deliver additional sample sets to a different address, this will be classed as a new enrolment.

Please find details of our subscription information and Terms and Conditions for all our programmes covering the period of April 2024 to March 2025. For an estimated quote or to request a formal quotation, please complete the form below.

Please note new Terms and Conditions for 2024-2025 here.

New EQA Programmes
For 2024-2025, we have made changes to the Cardiac Marker Programmes in order to separate High Sensitivity Troponin and POCT Cardiac Marker assays. The new programmes are ‘hsTroponin’ and ‘POCT Cardiac’. For those participants currently registered on either the Serum Cardiac Marker or Plasma Cardiac Marker Programme we will transfer your registration to the appropriate new programme from April 2024. The changes will be shown on your personalised Renewal quote.

Participant and sample costs explained
Programme / Participant cost is the full year’s registration cost (including shipping one set of samples per distribution to one postal address within mainland UK). You can add multiple instruments per sample set if the sample can be appropriately shared between instruments. If you require any additional sets of samples sent to the same postal address, the cost for this is included under “Extra sample set costs”.

If you require an additional set of samples to be sent to a different postal address then you will need to pay an additional participant charge. For programmes on Weqas Connect a new participant code will be generated for each address.

The current number of instruments/sections registered per programme for your organisation can be viewed on the EQA portal appropriate for those programmes. To ensure that you have continuity of service, we will provide you with the same number of programmes and samples as your current order until advised accordingly.

Current Participants
For current participants, a personalised quotation (Renewal Form) based on your previous year’s enrolment was dispatched during March 2024. We have tried to maintain or minimise the increase in charges to within the rate of inflation for the majority of programmes, however, we have had to make the difficult choice of increasing charges for a small number of programmes to cover the substantial increase in costs of raw materials experienced this year.
Due to the continued decline in participant numbers, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Whole Blood Immunosuppressants, BNP, SARS-CoV-2 Antibody and Qualitative Faecal Hb from the 1st April 2024.
Participant and Laboratory Codes explained
Weqas are continuing to migrate our programmes from the old platforms, Weqas Interactive and Cuesee, to our new platform, Weqas Connect. During the transition period, both old and new codes (if appropriate) will be displayed on your customised Renewal Form. We added an Enrolment Account number to the Renewal Forms which is used for billing purposes and should only be used when contacting our Finance Department, please don’t quote this in relation to any other communication.
We will continue to provide a discount for multiple registrations in our Blood Gas and Co-oximetry programmes. We also have an option for bimonthly blood gases and co-oximetry for low volume sites. The HIL Serum Indices programme is available as a standalone monthly programme with a bi annual interference programme being offered free of charge as part of the Serum Chemistry programme.
Additional discount is also available for organisations wishing to enrol for three or more years.
Additional services
We offer a wealth of additional services, including Managed Service for EQA programmes, troubleshooting advice, IQC products, Reference Measurement Services, QCRM and Educational & Training services. Please visit to download our brochure.
Accreditation status
Weqas is registered with United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) for conformity assessment. Weqas External Quality Assessment services are accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard – General requirements for proficiency testing (ISO/IEC 17043:2010). The Weqas Reference Laboratory is accredited to the recognised International Standard – General requirements for competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) in accordance with Laboratory medicine – Requirements for the competence of calibration laboratories using reference measurement procedures (ISO/IEC 15195). Full details of our accreditation scope are available on our website and the UKAS website,

Please complete the below form to request a formal quotation. Our team will then respond as soon as possible with a customised pro-rata quote for the remainder of our enrolment year based on your chosen EQA programme(s).

Request Formal Quotation - UK
For Non-UK participants, click here.

Every enrolment on an EQA programme includes one set of samples per distribution to one postal address within mainland UK. If you need more than one set of samples to be delivered to the same address, please specify the total number of samples sets you need below.

If you require samples to be sent to multiple addresses, each delivery address will count as a separate enrolment, and will be assigned a unique Weqas participant code at the time of enrolment.

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Additional shipping options are available at an additional charge. Click here for more information.

Maximum file size: 4MB

Shipping Options - UK

Standard Royal Mail (UK only – Included with each EQA programme enrolment to one address)
Indicative delivery times: UK 3 – 5 working days
(Non-Guaranteed delivery times).
Courier Ambient delivery per distribution
Economy Express (Estimated delivery in 2 working days).
(Non-Guaranteed delivery times).
Batched Delivery via Courier
Economy Express (Delivery in 2 working days).
Material is generally shipped on dry ice.
Price varies depending on the production schedule, batch size and stability of the material.
(Non-Guaranteed delivery times).

Annual Weqas conference
Click here to download a pre-registration form to reserve your place on the Weqas Annual Conference, 2024. The conference will be held 9th – 10th December 2024 at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate. The fee on the pre-registration form guarantees you a discounted delegate fee compared with the final published fee. You can choose from a two night package, a one night package and day delegate rate.
An online registration form with further details of the venue and programme will be emailed to you closer to the conference date.
Terms and Conditions