UK Subscription Charges 2023 – 2024

UK Subscription Charges 2023 – 2024

Subscription charges 2023 – 2024 (UK sites)

  • All Prices are excluding VAT.
  • Costs include shipping by Royal Mail; other shipping options are available on request.
  • Programme Cost includes one set of samples.
  • New enrolments after the 1st April will be charged on a pro rata basis.
  • All Purchase Orders/Cheques should be made payable to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Please find details of our subscription information and Terms and Conditions for all our programmes covering the period of April 2023 to March 2024.

For current participants, personalised quotations based on your previous year’s enrolment have been dispatched separately. We have tried to maintain or minimise the increase in charges to within the rate of inflation for the majority of programmes, however, we have had to make the difficult choice of increasing charges for a small number of programmes to cover the substantial increase in costs of raw materials experienced this year.

Participant and Laboratory Codes explained

During this year, Weqas will be migrating all our programmes from the old platforms, Weqas Interactive and Cuesee, to our new platform, Weqas Connect. During this transition period, both old and new codes (if appropriate) will be displayed on your customised enrolment forms. We have also added an Enrolment Account number which is used for billing purposes and should only be used when contacting our Finance Department, please don’t quote this in relation to any other communication.

Participant and sample costs explained

The Participant costs covers the full year’s registration including shipping a set of samples at the frequency described in the Weqas Brochure to one postal address within mainland UK. You can add an unlimited number of additional sections (locations) to this registration free of charge. You can also add multiple instruments per sample set if the sample can be appropriately shared between instruments. If you require an additional set of samples sent to the same postal address, the cost for this is included under “sample charge”.

If you require an additional set of samples to be sent to a different postal address then you will need to pay an additional participant charge. For programmes on Weqas Connect a new participant code will be generated for each address.

The current number of instruments/sections for your laboratory can be viewed on our website. To ensure that you have continuity of service, we will provide you with the same number of programmes and samples as your current order until advised accordingly. Please return your enrolment document with a PO as soon as possible.

If you want to reduce or increase the number of programmes or samples then please inform us immediately.


We will continue to provide a discount for multiple registrations in our Blood Gas and Co-oximetry programmes and have heavily discounted our Immunosuppressant programme if combined with the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) programme. The Serum Indices programme is available as a standalone monthly programme with a bi annual interference programme being offered free of charge as part of the Serum Chemistry programme. We also have an option for bimonthly blood gases and co-oximetry for low volume sites.

Additional discount is also available for organisations wishing to enrol for three or more years.

Additional services

If you require additional services such as data entry or performance monitoring, please email: for a bespoke quotation.

Accreditation status

Weqas is accredited to International Standards ISO 17043:2010, Conformity Assessment- General requirements for proficiency testing [EQA], ISO 17025:2017, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories and ISO 15195:2018-Laboratory Medicine (requirements for Reference Measurement Laboratories). Full details of our accreditation scope are available on our website and the UKAS website,

Annual Weqas conference

A pre-registration form to reserve your place on the Weqas Annual Conference, 2023, will be sent with your enrolment documents. The conference will be held at the end of the year and the fee on the pre-registration form guarantees you a discounted delegate fee compared with the final published fee. You can choose from a two night package, a one night package and day delegate rate. For your convenience, you can include both EQA programme enrolment and Annual Conference in one Purchase Order on your enrolment form; please complete and return your Conference pre-registration form with your Annual enrolment form.

An online registration form with further details of the venue and programme will be emailed to you closer to the conference date.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Weqas is hosted by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Cardiff, UK.
  2. Invoices are raised by “Cardiff and Vale University Health Board”. Failure to pay the invoice within 14 days will result in cessation of the programme and procedures initiated to recover the debt.
  3. Annual Subscription covers a period from April 1st to March 31st and is administered on an advance-payment basis. Order numbers should be included on the returned enrolment forms. For an electronic copy of the enrolment form please contact
  4. For existing customers, participation will be deemed to be continuous, unless advised in writing of any discontinuation before 30th April.
  5. In the event of a participant failing to pay the annual subscription fee by the due date, the Programme Organiser reserves the right to terminate the annual subscription without notice and the participant will be liable for the payment for services provided.
  6. Participants wishing to cancel the programme must provide 3 months written notification of cancellation.
  7. No refunds are provided for termination during the enrolment year.
  8. The liability of Weqas and Cardiff and Vale UHB to the participant in any annual period resulting from or in connection with the provision of the programmes to the participant, shall under no circumstances exceed the amount of the Annual fee paid by the participant.
  9. Participants can join at any time throughout the year and will be invoiced on a pro rata basis.
  10. All reports, and any data contained therein, issued by the EQA Programmes are Copyright and may not be distributed, published or used for promotion in any form without the permission of the Weqas Director.
  11. These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

Thank you for your continued support.

UK Price list

ProgrammeProgramme /
Participant Costs
Extra Sample
Set Costs
3% discount applies for > 10 sample sets per individual enrolment for Blood Gas / Co-oximetry
Blood Gas - monthly£400£350
Co-oximetry - monthly£470£420
3% discount applies for > 10 sample sets per individual enrolment for Blood Gas / Co-oximetry
POCT Blood Gas - bimonthly£300£260
POCT Co-oximetry - bimonthly£360£300
HbA1c - monthly£400£300
POCT HbA1c - bimonthly£210£150
*Serum Chemistry
1mL samples (includes eGFR)
*Serum Chemistry
3mL samples (includes eGFR)
HIL Interference Study -
Free with Serum Chemistry (2 dists p.a.)
HIL Serum Indices - monthly£255£220
(includes Paediatric Bilirubin)
ED Toxicology£360£320
Porphyrin - quarterly£400£380
Bile Acid£300£270
Serum ACE - bimonthly£225£205
Serum hCG - bimonthly£250£200
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) & Immunosuppressants
(includes Antibiotics)
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) & Antibiotics£490£450
Qualitative Faecal Hb£650£620
Quantitative Faecal Hb£650£620
Urine Drugs of Abuse - bimonthly£375£350
Renal Calculi - bimonthly£210£185
(includes Thyroid, Steroid and peptide hormones)
Cardiac Markers£380£345
Homocysteine - bimonthly£390£370
Urine Chemistry£500£450
POCT Urine ACR - bimonthly£220£200
Urine Oxalate & Citrate£450£400
NT-pro BNP - bimonthly£320£300
(includes hs-CRP)
pH Meter£300£270
Pre-Eclampsia Markers£500£470
SARS-CoV-2 Ab£360£320

ProgrammeProgramme /
Participant Costs
Extra Sample
Set Costs

POCT Bimonthly Programmes

POCT INR£110£95
POCT Urinalysis£120£65
POCT Urine Pregnancy£100£75
POCT Urine ACR£220£200
POCT Glucose & Ketones
Various distribution frequencies available
See POCT Glucose & Ketones Prices table below
POCT Lipid & Glucose£95£70
POCT Haemoglobin£195£155
POCT BNP£500£470
POCT Plasma Cardiac Marker - monthly£550£515
POCT HIV£350£335
Fetal Fibronectin£250£200
POCT Creatinine
(includes eGFR)
POCT CRP£165£130
Viscoelastic Haemostasis - quarterly£350£310
Urine Drugs of Abuse£375£350
POCT D-Dimer£260£230
POCT Respiratory Virus - monthly£355£330

POCT Glucose & Ketone Prices

Number of samplesCost per distributionNumber of samplesCost per distribution
FromTowith web costFromTowith web cost

*Includes reference targets