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Five levels of liquid human serum samples are distributed monthly, providing steroids, thyroid function and fertility profile. Single donor samples are used wherever possible to minimise any matrix effects.

Challenging samples are distributed to assess the performance at clinical decision points as well as ongoing programme of interpretative exercises. Macroprolactin exercise conducted every six months to assess current laboratory practice in macroprolactin investigation. ID-LC-MS/MS* reference target values available for cortisol and testosterone for all samples.

*Not Accredited

Frequency: Monthly

Samples per set: 5 x 1.8mL

Endocrine Prorgamme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Cortisol 60 - 1400 nmol/L
Progesterone 1.0 - 100nmol/L
Oestradiol 37 - 1300 pmol/L
Testosterone 0.1 - 40 nmol/L
FAI0 - 150%
T4 64 - 280 nmol/L
T3 1.5 - 12 nmol/L
FT4 8 - 50 pmol/L
FT3 3.0 - 40 pmol/L
TSH 0.1 - 21 mU/L
FSH 0.8 - 100 IU/L
LH 2 - 80 IU/L
Prolactin48 - 800 mU/L
SHBG20 - 100nmol/L
Free Testosterone0 - 2mol/L
DHEA-S0 - 100µmol/L

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