Pre-analytical Quality Improvement in pursuit of harmony

3rd EFLM-BD European Conference on Pre-analytical phase, Porto, Portugal, March 20-21st 2015. Pre-analytical errors present great challenges to the Laboratory; they are often outside the control of the Laboratory and are frequently due to human error at the sampling and transport stage. Weqas will be represented at this conference by Annette Thomas our Director who is keen to network and share ideas with our International colleagues. As an extension to our Pre-analytical Serum Indices EQA scheme, we are now focussing on a new Quality Indicator programme to assist laboratories in understanding the issues and minimise the occurrence of pre-analytical errors. This Conference presents an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge of how we can improve on the pre-analytical component of the service.

Weqas Pre-analytical Scheme on Serum Indices featured in MedLab 2015 show series.