EQA Analyte List

EQA Analyte List

Weqas EQA Programmes are available for quality assessment of 138 analytes, alphabetically ordered on the Analyte List below. Please search or scroll down to your analyte of interest to select the appropriate External Quality Assessment Programme.

Alternatively, click here to download our Analyte Chart.

 AnalyteEQA Programme
AAdjusted CalciumSerum Chemistry
Alanine aminotransferase (ALT)Serum Chemistry
AlbuminSerum Chemistry
Albumin/Creatinine ratioUrine Chemistry / POCT Urinalysis
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP)Serum Chemistry
AmikacinTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
AmphetamineUrine Drugs of Abuse
AmylaseSerum Chemistry / Urine Chemistry
Apolipoprotein A1Lipids
Apolipoprotein BLipids
Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST)Serum Chemistry
BVitamin B12Haematinics
BarbituratesUrine Drugs of Abuse
BenzodiazepineUrine Drugs of Abuse
BicarbonateSerum Chemistry
Bile AcidsBile Acid
Bilirubin (Conjugated)Bilirubin
Bilirubin (Total)Bilirubin
Bilirubin (Urine)POCT Urinalysis
BuprenorphineUrine Drugs of Abuse
CCalciumSerum Chemistry / Urine Chemistry
Calculated GlobulinsSerum Chemistry
CannabisUrine Drugs of Abuse
CarbamazepineTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
ChlorideSerum Chemistry / Blood Gas / Urine Chemistry
CholesterolLipids / POCT Lipid and Glucose
CiclosporinWhole Blood Immunosuppressants
CitrateUrine Oxalate & Citrate
CKMBCardiac Markers
CK-MB(Activity)Cardiac Markers
CocaineUrine Drugs of Abuse
Creatine KinaseSerum Chemistry
CreatinineSerum Chemistry / Blood Gas / POCT Creatinine
CRPCRP including hsCRP
DDigoxinTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
EeGFRSerum Chemistry / POCT Creatinine
Ethanol (Serum)ED Toxicology
Ethanol (Whole Blood)ED Toxicology
Foetal Fibronectin (fFN)Pre-term Labour Markers
Faecal Occult Blood (FOB)FOB/FIT scheme
Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)FOB/FIT scheme
Free T3Endocrine
Free T4Endocrine
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)Endocrine
GGamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)Serum Chemistry
GentamicinSerum Chemistry / Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
GlucoseSerum Chemistry / Blood Gas / Urine Chemistry / POCT Urinalysis / POCT Glucose and Ketones / POCT Lipid and Glucose
H[H+]Blood Gas
HaematocritBlood Gas
Haemoglobin (Total)Co-oximetry / POCT Haemoglobin
Haemoglobin (Urine)POCT Urinalysis
hCG (Serum)Pregnancy Testing
hCG (Urine)Pregnancy Testing
HDL CholesterolLipids / POCT Lipid and Glucose
HeroinUrine Drugs of Abuse
IIonized CalciumBlood Gas
IronSerum Chemistry / Haematinics
KKetamineUrine Drugs of Abuse
KetonesPOCT Glucose and Ketones / POCT Urinalysis
LLactateBlood Gas
Lactate DehydrogenaseSerum Chemistry
LamotrigineTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
LDL CholesterolLipids
LeucocytesPOCT Urinalysis
Luteinising Hormone (LH)Endocrine
LipaseSerum Chemistry
Lipoprotein (a)Lipids
LithiumSerum Chemistry / Blood Gas / Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
MMagnesiumSerum Chemistry / Blood Gas / Urine Chemistry
MethadoneUrine Drugs of Abuse
MethamphetamineUrine Drugs of Abuse
MethotrexateTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
MyoglobinCardiac Markers / POCT Cardiac Markers
NNitritesPOCT Urinalysis
OpiatesUrine Drugs of Abuse
OsmolalitySerum Chemistry / Urine Chemistry
OxalateUrine Oxalate & Citrate
PPancreatic AmylaseSerum Chemistry
ParacetamolED Toxicology
Porphobilinogen (PBG)Porphyrin
PBG/Creatinine RatioPorphyrin
pCO2Blood Gas
pHBlood Gas / POCT Urinalysis
PhenobarbitalTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
PhenytoinTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
phIGFBP-1Pre-term Labour Markers
PhosphateSerum Chemistry / Urine Chemistry
Plasma PorphyrinPorphyrin
pO2Blood Gas
PotassiumSerum Chemistry / Blood Gas / Urine Chemistry
Protein (Serum)Serum Chemistry
Protein (Urine)Urine Chemistry / POCT Urinalysis
Protein/Creatinine RatioUrine Chemistry
RRenal CalculiRenal Calculi
SSalicylateED Toxicology
Serum ACESerum ACE
SirolimusWhole Blood Immunosuppressants
SodiumSerum Chemistry / Blood Gas / Urine Chemistry
Specific GravityPOCT Urinalysis
Std BicarbonateBlood Gas
TTacrolimusWhole Blood Immunosuppressants
TeicoplaninTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
TheophyllineTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
TIBCSerum Chemistry / Haematinics
TobramycinTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
Total Urine Porphyrin (TUP)Porphyrin
TUP/Creatinine RatioPorphyrin
Total T3Endocrine
Total T4Endocrine
TransferrinSerum Chemistry / Haematinics
Transferrin SaturationSerum Chemistry / Haematinics
TriglycerideLipids / POCT Lipid and Glucose
Troponin ICardiac Markers / POCT Cardiac Markers
Troponin TCardiac Markers
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)Endocrine
UUrateSerum Chemistry / Urine Chemistry
UreaSerum Chemistry /Blood Gas / Urine Chemistry
Urine AlbuminUrine Chemistry / POCT Urinalysis
UrobilinogenPOCT Urinalysis
VValproic AcidTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
VancomycinTherapeutic Drug Monitoring


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