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Nov 23 2014

Welcome to WEQAS

Updated 18/11/2014

Upcoming distribution information

  November 2014 Distribution Dates
Send-Out Date Scheme Distribution Code Return Date
04 November 2014 POCT HIV HIV27 18 November 2014
POCT Haemoglobin HB1114 25 November 2014
05 November 2014 POCT Glucose and Ketones 1114 26 November 2014
10 November 2014 Pregnancy / Serum hCG W87 / WS40 01 December 2014
11 November 2014 Urinalysis DIST93 25 November 2014
Serum ACE ACE30
17 November 2014 Blood Gases / Co-oximetry P237 / C237 01 December 2014
18 November 2014 Urine Chemistry U143 02 December 2014
Oxalate / Citrate OC134
GHb (Patient Samples) H223
19 November 2014 BNP / NT-PROBNP BNP54 / NT-PRO54 03 December 2014
POCT INR INR1114 10 December 2014
24 November 2014 Haematinics / Lipids F178 / L324 08 December 2014
Ammonia AM145
25 November 2014 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring TDM16 09 December 2014
26 November 2014 Immunoassay Schemes:
Endocrine/Serum & Plasma Cardiac Markers
S210/N172/PL109 10 December 2014
Bile Acids BA121

WEQAS UKAS Accredited to ISO 17043, 17025 and 15195

WEQAS is accredited to ISO 17043 and the Reference Laboratory is the only laboratory in the UK to have achieved accreditation of Medical Reference Laboratories against ISO 15195 in combination with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.   The Schedules of Accreditation for WEQAS Proficiency Testing and the Reference Laboratory are available to view from the UKAS website.

Schedule of Accreditation for WEQAS Proficiency Testing 

Schedule of Accreditation for WEQAS Reference Laboratory

Latest news & events


Pathology Quality Assurance Review

This review has highlighted a need for Pathology QA services to be updated, recommendations for quality to be scrutinised, enhanced and made transparent. WEQAS EQA services can assist in ensuring analytical testing is robust and fit for purpose, we can assist in the provision of transparent and well evidenced QA. The Pathology Quality Assurance Review is available to download from our online "Resources".

03/12/14 - 04/12/14

WEQAS User Group Meeting and Seminar 2014

WEQAS User Group Meeting and Seminar will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff on the 3rd and 4th December 2014. With changing technologies, techniques and complexities, our programme this year highlights the increasing need to ensure there is a focus on Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Best Practice.