QCRM Production

QCRM Production

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QCRM at WeqasThese materials provide the analytical laboratories and manufacturers with an economical means of validating the accuracy of their routine tests on a regular basis. Although CRMs could be used for this purpose, the extensive and rigorous characterisation procedures used to produce certified materials means that the appropriate CRMs are either unavailable or are too costly for routine use. The uncertainies of QCRMs are larger than those of corresponding CRMs but are still fit for their intended purpose.

QCRM at WeqasThe Quality Laboratory has over 20 years experience in the production of EQA and QC material. Liquid Serum based material is manufactured for the WEQAS General Chemistry Schemes, serum and whole blood material for the Immunoassay schemes and Urine based material for the Porphyrin and Pregnancy Testing Schemes.

QCRMs that are currently available include sterile, liquid serum for electrolytes and steroid assay validation. The liquid serum overcomes many of the problems associated with lyophilised material.

Batch sizes vary between 0.5L and 45L and linear pools are produced across the analytical range, e.g. for Potassium 1.8 to 7.5mmol/l.

QCRM Report illustrated for Testosterone
PI-QL4-QCRMTesto_Pool 595 631 622 620