GCMS – Creatinine

GCMS – Creatinine

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Accurate measurement of Creatinine is of more importance with the advent of routine clinical use for eGFR calculations and the assessment of renal disease. Many routine methods used to measure creatinine assays have long been shown to be prone to interference from other compounds and show poor specificity. Use of reference targeted material is recommended for standardising assays and highlighting any bias due to non-specificity of these methods.

ID-GCMS values are assigned to EQA material for Creatinine allowing a “true” assessment for accuracy of participant returned results to the Reference method for each distribution. This service is also available to external clients in the post-marketing vigilance of the EU Directive 98/79/EC.


MeasurandStandard (certfied purity)Control Material
CreatinineSRM 914aSRM 967a

Measurement Method Details

Performance Criteria
Measurement range25 - 600 µmol/L
Maximum allowable %CV 1.5%
Maximum bias (control)0.6%
Method uncertainty1.2%

JCTLM listed NIST Reference Method for Serum Creatinine: