IIFC WorldLab – Durban

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I am currently at the IFCC Wordlab in Durban: http://durban2017.org/

Just listened to a fantastic presentation from Prof Delanghe from The  University of Ghent on Non invasive glycation testing. This is a fantastic achievement especially for accessibility of diagnostic testing in the developing countries in sub Saharan Africa. Ideal for those countries that don’t have the resource or accessibility for HbA1c.  See the slides here

Presented our Weqas poster on our Serum indices programme at the poster session, it was a bit chaotic as they had run out of adhesive strips, we improvised and used sellotape! The poster is an overview report of performance over the last 2 years, main learning point – there is little harmonisation of reporting even within a specific platform. The poster can be downloaded here.

Great POCT meeting on Saturday, and the following poster by Kost highlights the pitfalls of trying to monitor environmental factors for POCT.

POCT Poster by KOST