Weqas EQA Results Processing

From July 15th, we will no longer be processing Weqas EQA results received via post, fax or email.
From this date, all results must be entered electronically by participants via the Weqas interactive user account: https://calc.weqas.com/

If you do not already have a Weqas interactive user account, please download the Weqas Interactive form via the following link: https://www.weqas.com/download/interactive-website-registration-form/

If your laboratory code have already registered for web access and you would like to add another user, please download the Interactive Website Addition Form via the following link: https://www.weqas.com/download/interactive-website-addition-form/

You can also amend your existing user details/registration by downloading the Interactive Website Amendment form via the following link: https://www.weqas.com/download/interactive-website-amendment-form/

If you have any questions regarding this then please contact a member of the Weqas EQA team on: 44 (0) 2920 745406/ 45407 or contact us via our contact form following this link:https://www.weqas.com/contact/