GCMS – Uric Acid

GCMS – Uric Acid

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Primary Reference Methods are used for target setting for the Weqas Serum Chemistry EQA Scheme. Metrological traceability of methods is a requirement of ISO/IEC 15189 accreditation for routine diagnostic methods used in patient monitoring, ensuring the transfer of accuracy from primary reference methods to routine methods.

ID-GCMS values are assigned to EQA material for Uric acid allowing a “true” assessment of accuracy for participant returned results to the Reference method for each distribution. Each Reference Method target value is calculated from duplicate measurements performed on three different days. This service is also available to external clients in the post-marketing vigilance of the EU Directive 98/79/EC.


Measurand Standard (certfied purity)Control Material
Uric acidSRM 913bSRM 909c

Measurement Method Details

Performance Criteria
Measurement range0.1 - 1.2 mmol/L
Maximum allowable %CV 1.5%
Maximum bias (control)0.9%
Method uncertainty3.0%

JCTLM listed Reference Method for Serum Uric Acid: