Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Programme

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Programme

The goal of TDM is to use appropriate concentrations of difficult-to-manage medications to optimise clinical outcomes in patients in various clinical situations. The Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) programme was launched in June 2013 as a Pilot programme to evaluate the performance of our “in-house” liquid material as compared with commercially available lyophilised material.  This programme is now accredited for 14 different therapeutic drugs, the benefits of registering in this programme include:

  • Stable liquid samples
  • Linear series for calculations of recovery
  • Covers therapeutic and analytical ranges
  • Traceability to gravimetric “weighed in” concentration
  • Standard Weqas report interpretation and scoring

A Whole Blood Immunosuppressants programme is available for Ciclosporin, Sirolimus and Tacrolimus.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
The base material is “off the clot” sterile human serum, tested negative forHIV, Hep B and C at donor level. Each therapeutic drug is gravimetrically added, the “weighed-in” value and its known linear dilution is used to calculate the target concentration. A linear series of pools are prepared using calibrated and certified equipment allowing full gravimetric traceability.

Frequency: Monthly

Samples per set: 3 x 1mL samples

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Amikacin0 - 35mg/L
Carbamazapine0 - 20mg/L
Digoxin0 - 6µg/L
Gentamicin0 - 5mg/L
Lamotrigine0 - 30mg/L
Lithium0 - 2.5mmol/L
Methotrexate0 - 1.5µmol/L
Phenobarbital0 - 65mg/L
Phenytoin0 - 30mg/L
Teicoplanin0 - 70mg/L
Theophylline0 - 30mg/L
Tobramycin0 - 15mg/L
Valproic acid0 - 175mg/L
Vancomycin0 - 50mg/L
Whole Blood Immunosuppressants
- Ciclosporin0 - 600µg/L
- Sirolimus0 - 20µg/L
- Tacrolimus0 - 15µg/L

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