Urine Oxalate and Citrate

Urine Oxalate and Citrate

The amounts of oxalate and citrate excreted in urine and their urinary concentrations are important risk factors for the development of calcium oxalate kidney stones. Weqas EQA material is prepared every two months from donated human urine. This programme is designed to span the analytical and pathological range specifically for quality testing and reporting of hyperoxaluria and urinary citrate.

Urine Oxalate and Citrate
EQA material is fresh and acidified, urine which does not contain stabilisers or preservatives, three liquid urine samples are distributed monthly.

Frequency: Monthly

Samples per set: 3 x 2.5mL samples.

Oxalate/Citrate Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Oxalate0.1 - 1.8mmol/L
Citrate0.1 - 10mmol/L

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