ED Toxicology

ED Toxicology

ED Toxicology is available as part of a comprehensive suite of programmes for the Clinical Laboratory to cover all of its basic core tests. These include: Serum Chemistry, Urine Chemistry, ED Toxicology, Lipids, Bilirubin and Serum Indices.

ED Toxicology
Off the clot serum and whole blood samples are distributed, spanning the analytical and pathological range, also includes challenging samples at the clinical decision points. Ethylene glycol, Methanol and Whole Blood Ethanol are new additions to this scheme in response to the ‘NHS services, Seven Day Working’ from NHS England. The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine published guidance on the clinical Biochemistry tests that may be required for the optimal clinical management of ‘Critical’ and ‘Urgent’ patients. They have recommended that Ethanol, Methanol and Ethylene Glycol be included as ‘Urgent’ tests and should be available within 4 hours.

Frequency: Monthly

Samples per set: 4 x 1mL samples
Whole Blood Ethanol 4 x 0.5mL samples
ED Toxicology Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Salicylate0 - 800mg/L
Paracetamol0 - 350mg/L
Ethanol 0 - 4500mg/L
*Ethylene Glycol0 - 3000mg/L
*Methanol0 - 2500mg/L
Whole Blood Ethanol0 - 4500mg/L

*Not Accredited

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