POCT Cardiac Markers

POCT Cardiac Markers

The Weqas PoCT Cardiac Marker programme is administered by Laboratory EQA services, this programme is available with either serum or plasma based samples. Participants are enrolled in the programme most appropriate to their analyser.

POCT Cardiac Markers
Depending on which programme you are enrolled in, three samples are distributed monthly. For the Triage meter the base material is human EDTA plasma, samples at an appropriate physiological range are distributed to correctly reflect the performance with patient samples, especially at key clinical decision points.

Frequency: Monthly

Samples per set: 3 x 0.5mL

Plasma Cardiac Marker Programme
AnalyteApprox. Range Covered
Troponin I0 - 3000ng/L
CK MB (mass)0 - 80µg/L
Myoglobin14 - 500µg/L

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